Hawkmoto 2020 Interceptor Automatic 125Cc Kids Quad Bike


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The Hawkmoto Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike is new for the Hawkmoto 2020 range with its 4 stoke powerful engine and debaffled exhaust. is the Hawkmoto interceptor 125cc kids quad bike Anyone whos in the know will recognise this Hawkmoto interceptor 2020 carries one of the most reliable engines around. This youth Quad Bike has an awesome 4 Stroke 125cc Engine which sounds throaty and is a real show stopper.

Parents can feel secure that their kids are safe riding this quad as you have the power in your hands to cut the engine at the press of a switch. The 2020 Interceptor comes with a remote engine cut off remote for and and remote engine start as well as larger 8″ uprated tyres.
Why choose the Hawkmoto 2020 Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike
Hawkmoto – A trusted brand
Upgraded alloy Fuel Cap
Fully Encloded metal foot wells.
Reverse gear selector moved up to stop it being pressed accidentally when riding
Front Twin shock and rear single shocker for a comfortable ride.
Upgraded 8″ Wheels for better clearance.
Rear carry rack ( not for sitting on)
Upgraded Metal Fuel Tank
Parental Remote Cut Off Fob
Upgraded 8″ Wheels
All Black Frame
Reverse Gear
Electric Start Ignition
With front double suspension + rear single suspension

Features of the Hawkmoto 2020 Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike

  • All black Frame
  • Parental Remote
  • Debaffled Exhaust to make it sound awesome!
  • Reverse Gear
  • Remote Engine Start
  • With full chain cover
  • With front double suspension + rear shocker suspension.
  • Electric Start Ignition
  • Throttle Restrictor
  • Uprated Plastics
  • Stealth Steel Rims
  • Weight 100Kg
  • Load Weight 110Kg
  • Air Cooled

Hawkmoto 2020 Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike

Kids quad bikes do not come assembled as standard and will need to be maintained throughout their use. We do offer a build up service to deliver built on a pallet.

Assembly requires knowledge of motorcycles:- Assembly will require you to

Fit wheels, Hubs, Align tracking bars, Inflate tyres ( can be tricky as they come deflated in the crate), you will need to adjust the chains fully once built by loosening the rear axle and using the chain adjusters until the chain is satisfactory to avoid it coming off.

( failing to adjust the chain correctly can cause damage to the rider or the quad bike engine )

Rear racks need bolting in, Handle bars to clamps, Castle Nuts to wheels with split pins. Full nut and bolt check and Engine oil change once engine is run in. ( We recommend Lucas Oil 10w40 ) as this is a wet clutch quad bike. Engine oil change is recommended after the running in process we suggest 2 hours use.


Maintenance of your Hawkmoto 2020 Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike

We cannot take liability for poorly maintained quad bikes and urge users to understand these products are not designed to be bought and used with no maintenance. Therefore a a competent person with mechanical skill will need to check the bike over regularly whilst the bike is being run in from now. All New chains stretch and should be checked before each use.

The bikes are intended for private land only and are not for use on public roads. Should a warranty issue arise you will be expected to remove and fit parts yourselves as the warranty is a parts only service. Parts Warranty is based on manufacturing defect and where customers have not maintained the quad bikes we are unable to provide parts.

We offer a build up service, however this still will require someone of mechanical skill to maintain the bike as they need to be cared for during the running in process. Please see our warranty details in the returns section for covered items of the Hawkmoto Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike

The Hawkmoto 2020 Interceptor Automatic 125cc Kids Quad Bike

Additional Information

Weight 99.0 kg
Dimensions 130 × 60 × 80 cm

Hawkmoto – A Trusted Brand

Battery Specification



Lead Acid Battery


Front Drum – Rear Disc


Semi Automatic

You have selected the colour





Chromoly Steel


4 Stroke ( Unleaded Petrol )

Max Rider Weight


Remote Start & Cut Off




Rim Size


Safety Features

Parental Remote

Start Type

Electric Start


Off Road Use Only

Throttle Type

Thumb Throttle

Parental Control


Parental Remote



Assembly Required : Wheels, Handlebars, Racks, Footwells, Hubs and Calipers. : Chain Tension Full Nut and Bolt Check

Cooling Method

Air Cooled

Engine Oil

SAE 10W-40

Engine Spec

4 Stroke

Functioning Lights




Method Of Cut Off

Kill Switch ( Handlebars ), Parental Remote Cut Off


Guide 8-16 Years Old with Parental Consent height and weight and rider ability should be considered.


Front Dual Shocks Rear Single Shock

Top Speed

30 MPH

Tyre Material

Off Road Tyres Motocross pattern


6 Months Manufacturer Defects (Parts only) – See Returns Policy



Handle Bar Height


Product Height


Product Length


Product Width


Seat Height