New XTM Reaper R50 Petrol 50cc Quad Bike



Just launched, the new and exclusive XTM REAPER 50cc quad bike. This 2-stroke model is produced with top-quality components including fully upgraded 15mm performance carburettor kit, easy pull start, performance race clutch, colour coded blue front plastic and ultra-cool graphics.
Looking for the perfect starter quad? Start them young with our newly launched XTM REAPER 50cc petrol quad bike. Featuring a fully automatic high powered single-cylinder 2-stroke engine, there is no other 50cc mini quad bike that will match the quality build and performance of this amazing little machine. This new and exclusive model features a 15mm performance carburettor kit, performance race clutch and easy start aluminium pull start.

The XTM REAPER is the perfect choice when choosing a off-road mini motor with its upgraded 15mm carburettor specifically designed to deliver maximum performance and speed. An easy start pull start designed with the youngster in mind to be able to start the engine with ease. Plus, long wearing off-road upgraded 6” tyres providing great stability to ensure solid traction on all off-road terrains.

The XTM R50 is manufactured with top-quality reliable components and a durable chromoly steel frame with the ability to bear your child’s weight as they grow, making for unparalleled build quality rarely seen on kid’s quad bikes. This model also incorporates adjustable handlebars providing maximum comfort whilst riding.

The XTM REAPER features a powerful air-cooled engine which reaches speeds of up to 40kph very effectively. Simply press the thumb throttle and go with your quad as you out-manoeuvre the rugged trail. The acceleration can be constrained on the thumb throttle to different power settings and top speed can be limited to match your child’s skill level.

To ensure your child’s safety, the XTM quad is fitted with a key ignition switch and a wristband kill switch which will immediately disengage the engine when pulled. Ultra-responsive acceleration and stopping distance, front and rear disc brakes and a rear shock suspension to absorb and soften delivering a smooth ride on all terrains. Max weight limit 60kgs.

The XTM R50 is the ultimate off-road toy and will offer hours of fun with a whopping range of 30km per tank.

It is advised that you have mechanic knowledge when purchasing any mini moto off-road product. This quad requires partial assembly and maintenance checks.

This quad will require 30-45 minutes assembly with the front wheels, handlebars, front number plate and rear shock bolt to be attached and a general check over all the nuts, bolts, pipes etc.


Length 1020mm
Width 650mm
Height 620mm
Seat Height 450mm
Handle Bar Height 620mm
Wheelbase 700mm
Min Ground Clearance 55mm