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XTM MX-PRO dirt bike 1300w!
The new and exclusive Xtreme XTM MX-PRO dirt bike.
Limited edition model with big 14" front and 12" rear wheels.
Just launched, this unrivalled lithium model is produced with top-
quality components including front hydraulic inverted forks, rear
mono shock suspension and fully adjustable speed, power and
throttle response.
In a league of its own. Our new and exclusive MX-PRO offers a real taste of the big league of motocross, every inch of this dirt bike mimics the proven design of the big bike range. There is no comparison when it comes to the size and build quality of this machine. Limited Edition model for 2020

Up to 1 Hour (Depending on Weight and Terrain)
48V 1300W Neodymium Magnet DC Motor
48V Lithium Battery
Speed Settings: Fully Controllable 8 - 30 KM/H
Sizes & Fit
Commonly Purchased for Ages 8+ (Parents Discretion)
The New 48V XTM MX-PRO Electric Dirtbike with Lithium Batteries is the Ultimate kid’s toy. Just launched, this limited edition Big Wheel model is bigger and better than any other electric bike available of its kind.

With its high- torque gear ratio which is designed for all off-road terrains, including flat and gradient ground, making it the perfect next step up bike.

The Electric XTM MX-PRO Dirt Bike is Powered by a whopping 1300-watt motor and 48V Lithium batteries which are much more lighter, more powerful and last longer than standard batteries. This top of the range model reaches speeds of up to 30kph very quietly with no noise or pollution. With front hydraulic inverted forks and rear mono shock suspension to deliver a smooth ride. This fantastic Dirt Bike is the perfect choice you’re child’s outdoor play and off-road riding.
This limited edition MX-PRO comes with a large 14-inch front tyre and 12-inch rear tyre! Making it the largest child's off-road electric dirt bike on the market. It also features a full response, speed and motor power all controlled by 3 separate dials located under the tank cover. This model also comes with an easy to read battery indicator level. Realistic battery and Engine cover! Not easy telling the difference with this and the petrol model.

With its twist throttle and front/ rear disc brakes the bike has a very responsive acceleration and stopping – distance, and to add further to this bikes realism and authenticity the bike comes with large 14” rear wheel and knobbly tyres.

This bike is the ultimate off-road toy, with a range of 28km (16 miles) per charge suitable for all ages with a maximum rider weight of 65kg.

Please note – It is always Parents discretion for the age of the rider. This bike should not be used in damp, wet, muddy conditions. This model is fitted with electrical components and should never be washed with a pressure washer or hose pipe.


Length 1480mm
Width 640mm
Height 950mm
Seat Height 680mm
Wheelbase 102mm
Min Ground Clearance 320mm

All bikes are Brand New in the Box, come complete with Instruction Manual, Battery Charger and Tool Kit.