MotoX1 Motocross ATV Accepts the following payment methods: 


.Cash on collection 

.Bank transfer payments 


  • Our Pay Later and Pay Later in 3 services are not universally available and are always subject to an individual assessment. There are a number of reasons why a customer may have been denied, including;

    - their billing address is not registered on the UK electoral role
    - unsatisfactory assessment / purchase amount too high (Klarna has decided to not lend credit to this customer based on thier lending policy)
    - previous Klarna history

    Please note that multiple attempts within a short timeframe will likely be denied, therefore please advise your customer to try again in 48hrs. If they are still experiencing a denied purchase, they should contact our customer support team on (+44) 080 818 93333 or via the live chat by logging into their Klarna app for further assistance,
.Card payments via ‘Worldpay’

*Please note the ‘billing address’ must match the delivery address for purchases made via our card payment gateway, Goods can only be delivered to the address in which the card is registered to*

We accept the following cards: 

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB

Card Payment’s can take 1-3 days to clear, Goods will only be dispatched after payment has cleared, for this reason we advise delivery within 7 days of purchase to allow time for both payment processing and delivery. 

If you require any further details regarding card payments please contact us at 

Company's registration name: MotoX1 Motocross ATV
Company's place of registration: United Kingdom
Company's registered office address: 
Callands, Warrington 
Company's registered number: 10291058
VAT number: 348856646